Friday, March 9, 2018

Quirky Brulee

We've talked about Brulee's quirky little personality in the past. She is a beautiful Silver Shaded Persian, but she has a personality that doesn't stop. 
Brulee inside her Sleepypod® Mobile Pet Bed on the bed

We've written before about Brulee being very selective where she will show some loving to Mom Paula. The only place Brulee will actually "cuddle" or get on Mom Paula's lap is when Mom Paula is in the bed. But, Brulee has this little ritual...

Brulee has never been a cuddling kitty, even as a kitten. She is a squirmer and will sleep just out of reach of being petted. The first time she went to the vet, she squirmed so much the vet tech couldn't get her temperature. She likes to be in the same room with Mom Paula, but doesn't like to be held (unless it's on her terms and only in a couple of locations in the house) and she is NOT a lap kitty.

However, about a year ago, Brulee began cuddling closer with Mom Paula when she was in the bedroom, either as she was going to sleep or waking up. Brulee has this cute little chirp meow and will begin walking close to Mom Paula. At first, when Mom Paula reaches out to pet her, Brulee will turn away just out of reach. She then turns around and gets a little closer and turns away again. This goes on for a few minutes until Brulee finally decides to climb onto Mom Paula's lap. If Brulee decides to settle in (which is rare), she turns on the loudest purr and will rest there for quite a while, even turning over on her back to let Mom Paula rub her belly. These are rare occurrences, so Mom Paula doesn't move as long as Brulee is in her lap.

The video below is a shortened version of some of Brulee's ritual. Mom Paula is limited on the video footage she can get of Brulee climbing into her lap because Mom Paula has short arms. MOL! We hope you enjoy this little interlude into our daily life.


  1. What a beauty she is. Love seeing her in action!

  2. Brulee does the same kind of snuggling our sister Valkyrie does! Valkyrie will turn a bunch of circles before deciding to lay down next to Mom's arm so just her back is laying on mom's arm.

    Brulee is the prettiest kitty! From the Gang at

  3. What a little sweetheart! My human says she could watch her for hours.

  4. That is adorable and we loved the video!

  5. Adorable! It's interesting how the develop their quirks and idiosyncratic rituals. Sam Sam has her scratch-and-roll, for example.

  6. What a little tease! My Seren-Kitty was the same way and never sat on my lap (willingly) until she became a senior citizen.

  7. She is SO precious! My cat is only a lap cat when it's on his terms. It's their world, we're just living in it.

  8. what an adorable cat with a cute ritual


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