Thursday, January 4, 2018

World Hypnotism Day

We have another unique day to share with you today. It's World Hypnotism Day. If you've ever looked into the eyes of a cat, you know what it feels like to be relaxed and completely under their control.
Truffle - "Look into my eyes. It's treat time!"

We don't think hypnotism is a bad thing if it's used appropriately...

The mission of World Hypnotism Day is to remove the myths and misconceptions of hypnotism while promoting the truth and benefits to people. Hypnotism is a technique where one can access the subconscious mind, which is why there are some fearful misconceptions. People are fearful that if someone puts them under hypnosis that he has power over them. Hypnotism can help people solve problems, achieve goals, overcome fears, and possibly end addictions. World Hypnotism Day exists for people to learn more about hypnotism and the positive things that can be achieved.

Brulee with her hypnotic stare

Mom Paula is very susceptible to hypnosis and can relate three different times she was hypnotized by someone: one was unintentional and the other two were by design.

  • The first time Mom Paula was hypnotized was when she was taking a graduate course and a hypnotist was brought in to talk about hypnosis to help with relaxation. He did a group hypnosis session and Mom Paula went under. She doesn't remember too much about what was said now, but she remembers being very relaxed and aware of what was happening in the room the entire time. This hypnosis therapist sold relaxation tapes (remember those old cassette tapes) and Mom Paula purchased one. The first time she tried it at home, she was going under and beginning to relax until the phone rang. She learned from that experience to take the phone off the hook (yes, it was that long ago) before doing the self hypnosis. She really enjoyed those sessions and wish she still had the cassette.
  • The second time Mom Paula was hypnotized with an individual session with a trained counselor. Mom Paula had been diagnosed with clinical depression as a result of obsessive/compulsive/perfectionism and couldn't relax. This therapist asked her if she'd like to try hypnosis to help with relaxation and the depression. Mom Paula said yes. The room was very quiet and she thinks there was some type of music or white noise in the background. The therapist talked her through a lot of positive thoughts and Mom Paula was aware of what was happening in the room the entire time. When Mom Paula was brought out of the hypnosis, she was a little better and could remember some of the main discussion points during the session, but not all of them. Mom Paula had to go for more intense therapy sessions later with a psychiatrist to help with the diagnoses, but has never been hypnotized again.
  • The third time Mom Paula almost was hypnotized was when she went to one of those comedy/magic shows with some girlfriends where a hypnotist was on stage. Several volunteers went to the stage to participate in some activities, but Mom Paula stayed in her seat. As the hypnotist was beginning to put the volunteers under on the stage, Mom Paula's sister had to redirect Mom Paula's focus because she was "going under" too. 

We know we tend to joke about us hypnotizing Mom Paula in order to give us treats because of our hypnotic stares, but hypnotism is something, if used appropriately by a trained therapist, can help humans overcome something going on in their lives. Mom Paula thinks she's going to try and find some more relaxation tapes.


Lone Star Cats said...

I wish I could hypnotize my momma to make me some bacon. MOL!

But seriously, we has heard hypnotism can help peeps. My momma has nefur tried it - she are too much of a control freak.

The Island Cats said...

How interesting to hear about Mom Paula’s hypnotism experiences. And that they didn’t make her cluck like a chicken. ;) (just kidding!)

pilch92 15andmeowing said...

Such pretty kitties. Hypnosis fascinates me, I have had friends who had it done for weight loss, but I haven't tried it.

Summer at said...

My human is practically impossible to hypnotize - not even by kitties! So you KNOW she is a really tough case!

Brian said...

Our Mom, at one point, was a certified hypnotherapist, that could be why Dad does the house cleaning MOL!

Laila and Minchie said...

You girls really do have hypnotic eyes! Mom Peggy listened to relaxation tapes when she quit smoking 25 years ago. Not real sure if they worked, but she did finally quit.

Roby Sweet said...

I have been hypnotized before, by a therapist, and then I had a couple of cassette tapes I used to listen to for relaxation. It really helped me. Now I just try to meditate every day, and that's helpful too.

Momma Kat and Her Bear Cat said...

Miss Truffle is especially convincing ... I feel myself handing over everything her heart desires ;)