Thursday, August 28, 2014

Sandstorm is Coming!

All of you who know us, know that Mom Paula is a huge South Carolina Gamecock fan!  Today is the first game of the season and it's the first college football game for the nation tonight at 6:00 pm.  Of course, Mom Paula will be there.  Brûlée is little worried about the predicted "sandstorm" and hopes Mom Paula will be okay since she sits in the bottom of that big stadium (see circle and arrow)

Truffle tries to calm Brûlée by telling her that Sandstorm is a musical number that is played in the stadium to "rile up" the Gamecock fans. (Brûlée still isn't so sure because that looks like a big cloud of sand ). They start waving white towels in the air and jump up and down.  The stadium really gets pretty loud during this storm.  The Gamecocks haven't lost a home game the past two years and we hope this tradition continues.

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Brulee's 3rd Birthday

Brulee is 3 years old today!  We remember this time 3 years ago when only 4 short days after little Beignet went to the bridge, Truffle's half sister was born.  Mom Paula had no idea that there were kittens scheduled to be born when we lost Beignet, so imagine her surprise when Mom Terri told her that there were some more kittens coming and Truffle could have a little sister.

Who could believe this little dark haired cutie . . .
Brulee - 5 days old

would turn into this silver haired beauty?
Brulee - 3 years old

Pee ess - don't tell Brulee, but she has a vet appointment today!

Monday, August 25, 2014

Interesting Stuff

Mom Paula pulled out her Gamecock backpack in order to get ready for the first football game this Thursday.  Guess who had to investigate?  No, it's not  Truffle this time.  Brulee really wanted to investigate to find those chickens!

Sunday, August 24, 2014

Easy Like Sunday

It's been a long week, so we're taking it easy today on some fresh sheets!

Saturday, August 23, 2014

Remembering Beignet

We want to pause from our playful daily activities to remember Truffle's little brother, Beignet. Beignet was Truffle's only litter mate and was scheduled to come live with Mom Paula.  Many of you will remember that Beignet developed a vaccine associated sarcoma (VAS) from his vaccination and died on the operating table (removing the tumor) at 11 weeks of age.  He was Mom Paula's little mancat, but God thought he belonged with Angel Sweet Praline at the bridge and he left us too soon. The photo below was one of our favorites of Truffle and Beignet together for their glamour shot right before his tumor developed.  We smile thinking of Beignet keeping Sweet Praline on her toes at the bridge with his kitten antics.
Truffle (left) and Beignet (right) at 10 weeks

Mom Paula:  I try not to think of this day 3 short years ago because it was within 4 months of losing Sweet Praline to cancer.  Just like with Sweet Praline, I now try to remember the happy times.  Little Beignet never got to come live with me, but I visited him 3-4 times those short 11 weeks of his life. The picture above is one of my favorites of Truffle and Beignet because you can just see the love they had for each other.  How much sweeter can you get with little Beignet nestling under Truffle's chin?

Friday, August 22, 2014

Remembering Sparkle

We lost a dear blogging furriend, Sparkle, yesterday.  Sparkle was a beautiful Somali kitty with attitude (like Angel Sweet Praline) who had been part of the CB for a long time.  She was always there to give advice, support an important cause, and to put up with her siblings Binga and Boodie.  Sparkle was our Secret Paw two years ago and always found the time to visit our blog.  We're comforted in knowing that Sparkle is at the Bridge with Angel Sweet Praline and Angel Beignet watching over all of us.  We understand there is a new furchild taking over the reigns and look forward to meeting her. We honor Sparkle today by pausing to remember her.  She will be missed.  The photo below was submitted for use in the 2014 Cats of the CB Calendar and we hope Mom Janiss doesn't mind us sharing it here.

Special thanks to Glogirly for setting up the linkie for tributes to Sparkle.